Monday, August 13, 2012

The Shoulder Surgeon and Problems That Require a Doctor

Americans, by and large, don't like to seek medical attention for minor ills and injuries. The reason is not only down to the expense of getting help, but the inconvenience of it. Submitting to a trip to the doctor means taking time off work or, at the very least, time away from something you would rather be doing. It also means admitting something is wrong and probably won't get better on its own. Nonetheless, there are times when a doctor is necessary, even when the problem is related to your muscles and joints. Here are some signs that your problem may need the attention of a doctor or even a shoulder surgeon.

Emergency Indicators
Pain in and around the top of the arm could be an indication that something is wrong with your heart, which should be taken very seriously. If you feel pain in that area that is accompanies by pain in the chest, problems breathing, excess sweating, or nausea, you should contact emergency services immediately. Heart attacks don't always occur the way they do in the movies. It's better to be overcautious than to wish you had done something sooner. Besides common heart attack symptoms, you should also contact a doctor immediately if you have an injury accompanied by severe pain, deformity, inability to move that area of the body, or numbness and tingling.

In many cases, a doctor or shoulder surgeon will recommend having a period of observation and waiting after you've come in with your symptoms. This is particularly true in times where no obvious injuries can be identified through x-rays and other means. These injuries can take a number of different forms and various healing patterns. Something very painful today may be much better tomorrow. On the other hand, minor pain may be excruciating tomorrow. This period of watching and waiting can be very helpful in determining an appropriate course of action.

Where to Turn
If you have a primary care physician, he will be the most likely first stop for any problems you have with injury or pain. He should be familiar with problems of this nature, particularly as they center around the rotator cuff, a common area for injuries. If things progress to the point where you need treatment, you may be sent to any of a number of specialists. These could include a shoulder surgeon, a specialist in orthopedics, a specialist in sports medicine, or a physical therapist.

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