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Health News: Medical Breakthroughs

Over the years, medical scientists have worked so hard to shed light to the most puzzling areas of health and medicine. These people spend most of their time doing research for the benefit of the humanity. If you are reading health news on a regular basis, you would understand how diligent these people are. Here are some of the breakthroughs in medical and health science that have a significant impact on our lives.

Disarming HIV

One of the most talked about breakthroughs today is the discovery of the Achilles Heel of the HIV. American and European scientists have found a way to disarm the virus and keep it from wreaking havoc in the immune system. The method involves extracting the cholesterol from the virus, a method that extinguishes its defenses. Without this cholesterol, the virus loses its weaponry and becomes open for the human immune system to destroy. HIV is known for disabling the adaptive response of the immune system. Since the discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus, scientists have been finding a means to fight it. None so far has been so successful. Vaccines in the past were useless. But things might have changed now that a new way to weaken the virus has been discovered.

Aspirin for Cancer Prevention

It has been found out that taking small amounts of aspirin on a daily basis can curb risk of stroke and heart disease. We already know that. But recent studies indicate it can also decrease risk of cancer. Studies done in United Kingdom have been conducted to monitor subjects taking about 75-300 mg of aspirin a day. After three years, those taking aspirin had cancer risk reduced by approximately 25%. Then after 5 years, risk of cancer was reduced to 37%.

Studies indicate that daily intake of aspirin cuts down cancer risk by preventing metastasis. Nonetheless, there is another problem with aspirin intake. Doctors warn that regular intake of aspirin may cause stomach bleeding. Moreover, people who take aspirin daily are, ironically, at risk of hemorrhagic strokes.

Placebos as Drugs

Placebos are "empty" agents used in research to determine the true effects of drugs. This time they are used as treatment agents on their own. The power of placebos comes from suggestion-not from the placebos themselves. For instance, studies show that when people are told they are getting good exercise, they tend to lose more weight than those who are not told the same thing. There are already many studies that test the ability of placebo to treat disorders. Placebos do not contain active ingredients to target the illness. They work by changing the person's reaction to their illness.

Exercise to Defy Aging

People already know the benefits of exercise. Health news articles have discussed too much about exercise. Anyone can now say exercise relieves stress, improves cardiovascular health, enhances immunity, and so on. What we might have missed to note is that exercise promises to reverse aging. This assumption was made by scientists who studies laboratory mice subjected to exercise program. These mice had better muscles, hearts, kidneys, and brains than those that did not go through exercise program. Their hair was also shinier and thicker.

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Finding the Orthopedic Specialist You Need: 3 Tips

A doctor certified as an orthopedic specialist can be called upon to help with any number of bodily injuries or issues. The profession itself is concerned with helping patients in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions that can contribute to limited or painful mobility. A doctor in the field often doubles as a surgeon, as surgery is often the primary solution to problems of this nature. As with many medical specialties, there are sub-specialties that many doctors choose to concentrate on. Some doctors choose to specialize in hip conditions or those centering around the spine. If you need such a doctor, here are three tips on finding the right one.

Start With Your Family Doctor

The search for an orthopedic specialist should usually begin with your primary physician. Not only will he be able to make a preliminary diagnosis that bringing in an expert is the right call, but he will likely know a name or two to throw your way. There are several benefits to choosing a doctor in this fashion. For one, you are getting a referral from a medical professional, something that means a lot more than a review on the Internet. Secondly, a professional referral will often let you jump the queue, so to speak. Busy doctors often have appointment waiting lists a mile long. If you have a referral in hand, you may be able to get in ahead of the crowd.

Personal Recommendations

In some cases, a physician's referral may not be possible. More people than ever are without a primary care doctor. Many simply choose to visit a walk-in clinic or the ER when something goes wrong. If this is the case, and you're fairly sure that an orthopedic specialist is what you need, you'll need another method of finding the right one. Try your friends and family. A loved one is going to be cautious before sending you to a doctor they have personal experience with. As long as you ask only those you can trust, you're likely to get a good recommendation or two.

Do Your Own Research

No matter how many personal and professional recommendations you have, it never hurts to do a little of your own research. The Internet makes this research easier than ever. Several websites are dedicated to allowing patients and consumers to write reviews and give ratings to the doctors they visit. While not a perfect system by any stretch of the imagination, these reviews can sometimes impart specific information that can help you choose an orthopedic surgeon.

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Sports Medicine Top Tips for Effective Exercise

With all the recent research and education in sports medicine, there's no excuse for a new athlete to sustain serious injury. By following these ten tips, you'll increase your chances for a successful and injury-free workout routine that can be continued for years to come!

1. Before Beginning a Workout Routine, Visit the Doctor

Your new exercise routine will place stress on your body, so you'll want to make sure that your muscles, your heart, your lungs, and your entire body will be able to handle the extra stress. For instance, if you have undiagnosed heart disease, you'll want to know that before you begin to place extra cardiovascular stress on your heart and lungs!

Your doctor can also provide you with helpful tips for beginning a safe and effective workout routine. Talk about your ultimate exercise goals, and get your doctor's input.

2. Work with a Personal Trainer

After your visit to the doctor, you'll want to find a qualified personal trainer who can help you begin your exercise program safely. The professional guidance is well worth the expense for beginners! You'll learn how to perform exercises correctly to avoid injury, what types of exercise will help you reach your goals, and how your diet will affect your exercise.

3. Gradually Increase Your Workouts

Many sports medicine specialists agree that beginning small and gradually increasing is much more effective than beginning with a bang! Typically, new athletes are excited and ready to hit the gym, training for an hour in the first session. Unfortunately, this results in incredibly sore muscles, exhaustion, and discouragement. Instead, begin with a 20-minute workout three times a week, and gradually increase the time. You'll still get the sore muscles, but your body will have time to adjust, and you'll thoroughly enjoy each workout and its results.

4. Always Warm Up and Cool Down

Never begin any type of workout without warming up your muscles, and never end a workout abruptly without stretching. Your muscles need that time to adjust to the new activity. Many sprains and strains can be avoided with a 15-minute warm up session.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration can cause exhaustion, as well as injury. Your body needs to be well hydrated as you begin your workout, so plan to drink at least 16 ounces of water in the two hours before you hit the gym. Continue to drink water throughout your work out to replace fluids lost through perspiration. And of course, after your workout, you'll want to drink another 8-16 ounces.

6. Take Time for Recovery

Your muscles need time to recover, and your body needs rest. Make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep at night. Plan to allow each muscle group at least two days to recuperate before you work it again. That doesn't mean you avoid the gym for two days, you just work different muscle groups in a three-day rotation.

Enjoy your new workout routine! Your body will appreciate the benefits, and your mind will enjoy the activity. And by following the rules provided by sports medicine authorities, you'll be able to stay safe and have fun with each workout!

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Understanding and Learning MMA

You do not need to be in wicked good shape to join. You do not need to be a fitness guru just to make it through a practice session, either. How hard you push yourself, how often you come to class, and how well you take care of yourself the other 22 hours of the day will largely determine your success, and supplementing your routine with a few hours of jiujitsu and wrestling will definitely help you achieve your fitness goals.

Understanding and learning MMA techniques will not only help you to attain various self-defense techniques to safeguard yourself in difficult situations, practicing these combative skills will also help you to attain better health and a fit body.

Mixed martial arts of MMA include various fighting skills such as Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Sambo, pugilism, and wrestling. All these skills involve intense physical cardiovascular exercises and practicing these exercises prove to be very beneficial for your health. Thus, practicing some or all of MMA skills and techniques properly with devotion will help you to attain a better physique, greater self-confidence and a better personality. All these fighting skills and techniques are being used by soldiers and competitive fighters for self defense since ages and these fighting skills are used for both defensive and offensive purposes.

Everyone has a right to be safe in their person and belongings, and everyone is allowed the right of self-defense. As you have already read, MMA is the superior martial arts system. It only follows that the techniques that make for great fighters also make for safe people. MMA has been proven to be more effective than other martial arts, so imagine what a Mixed Martial Artist could do for someone in a situation that calls for self-defense. MMA, and especially BJJ, have always emphasized the REALITY of combat.

Fighting and self-defense are ugly things that typically lack the finesse of a Jackie Chan flick. There is no difference between fighting and self-defense, only the intentions of the people involved differ. This does not mean that things like biomechanics change all of a sudden in order to give the 'defender' a greater chance of success. Don't be fooled by claims of 'pressure points' or advice to 'kick him in the balls, gouge his eyes out and run.' Not only is it literally impossible to execute these techniques, but the human body is far more resiliant than most martial arts theories give the body credit for.

With MMA techniques you will gain confidence and maturity that will carry over into other facets of your life. Confidence and maturity are the first steps to avoiding conflicts or situations that would otherwise require the use of force, and that is the best weapon you can use to defend yourself.

Travis S. Lutter is an American mixed martial artist who won The Ultimate Fighter 4 reality show. His UFC record, not including his exhibition wins on The Ultimate Fighter 4, is 2-4. He is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Carlos Machado.

What Is a Yeast Infection

A yeast infection is a fungus that most commonly occurs in the vagina, often the type of yeast infection found in the is Candida Albican. Yeast is normal and healthy to find in moist areas like the vagina or mouth which is where they normally occur. To answer the question what is a yeast infection, first we need to discuss a few things like: what causes it, what kind of symptoms do you have with the infection, how common is it, and what are the treatments.

Causes of a Yeast Infection can vary from woman to woman and furthermore, the same woman can have different causes of the vaginal infection at different times. It happens when the vaginas normal and healthy environment is shaken up and disturbed. One of the leading causes to them is douching. The vagina is delicate and does not need to be cleaned by outside products. When you douche, it disturbs the vaginas normal natural balance, leading to the infection. Taking birth control, pregnancy, and women with diabetes are at a higher risk for infections in the vagina caused by yeast.

If you have the condition or suspect that you do, you will notice that it itches in and around your vagina. Itching is a very common systems of vagina yeast infections. Painful intercourse and soreness may also be present. You may see cottage cheese like discharge and it may feel like your vagina is burning. The infection is not a STD even though it may feel and seem like one. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia causes symptoms much like the vaginal infection. Women who are sexually active and have unprotected sex need to rule out symptoms that could be STDs by being evaluated.

Vaginal yeast infections are common in women of all races. In fact, 75% of women will suffer from them once in their lifetime, with many women having more than just one of them before they die. It is true that even men can get them orally and around the genitals. The most common for men occurs in the mouth called Thrush. Men can also get painful penile infections. The research is unclear if these infections occurring in men come from sexual activity or some other source.

Once it is determined that it is a vaginal infection from yeast not a STD you may be prescribe medication. Treatment is usually given by oral medicine sometimes combined cream to rub into the vagina and around it. However, vaginal tablets are now preferred by most doctors to treat most vaginal infections cause by yeast. Medications from drug stores can also bring relief, however if you still have symptoms after taking these generic medications to treat your yeast infection, you need to see a doctor to rule out other possibilities.

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Homemade Lavender Body Lotion

Body lotions and oils are great for the winter. Cold weather, indoor heat, hot showers all dry out skin and it's great to have lotions or oils on hand to soothe skin. The problem is that natural chemical free and gluten free lotions are very expensive to buy. Also, a lot of the so-called natural body products still have some undesirable ingredients in them. Sometimes I am amazed at the lengthy list of ingredients and the number of ingredients that look like chemical names in products that say natural on the label. I have never found a lotion in the store that meets all my standards and also is a reasonable cost. This is why I decided to start making my own lotion. This is how I make my lotion:

Lavender Body Lotion

3/4 pure oil - olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, etc.

3/4 cup distilled water

2 tbsp shaved bees wax

30 drops lavender essential oil

tea tree oil or grapefruit seed extract

glass mason jars to store lotion

Tools needed: I have separate tools just for lotion making


glass pyrex measuring cup

rubber spatula


Sterilize all tools by using the dishwasher or boiling water.

Pour the distilled water into the blender and set aside.

Pour the oil or combination of oils into the glass measuring cup

Shave off the bees wax with a knife or vegetable peeler (it usually comes in a block), measure and put into the measuring cup with the oil.

Heat water in a pot and create a double boiler with the glass measuring cup to melt the bees wax into the oil.

When the bees wax is melted remove the measuring cup from the double boiler and let sit for 2 minutes.

Turn on the blender with the water already in it and slowly pour the oil into the blender creating an emulsion

Once the oil and water are fully combined, add your essential oils for scent. (I like Young Living oils best)

Add some tea tree oil or grapefruit seed extract to act as a "preservative"

Blend until combined.

Transfer into mason jars to store.

This is what the finished product looks like...

This recipe has worked well for me and it makes 2-3 small jars of lotion. The lotion is very soothing and seems like a luxurious expensive creme which is why I love it. The lavender scent is also very calming. You can make changes to the recipe to get the lotion you like the best - change the different oils that you use or you can use herbal infused oil which adds a nice touch. One of my favorite infused oils is calendula infused oil - I use this to make diaper rash creme for my daughter which has worked great.

Do you make your own lotion? Do you have any tips or tricks to share? What are you favorite oils or herbs to use in lotions?

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How Emily the Cow Taught Me to Become a Vegetarian

I was the king of the drive-thru, it was my turf. My royal servants were McDonald's, Burger King, Arby's etc.. Each visit they would ask me, " Do you want fries with your order, Todd?" Yeah it was pathetic, they even knew my name. Then someone very close to me took me to Peace Abbey in Sherborne, MA. It can be best described as a museum/bed & breakfast/spiritual center where peace is the word. Many visitors who visited included Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama and Yoko Ono. That is one amazing list of people that would catch anyone's attention, but one particular bovine resident changed my life forever.

Her name was Emily the cow and her story will amaze you. Emily and her friends were lined up to be killed at a slaughterhouse in Hopkinton MA. She noticed her friends were not coming back and she decided to jump a nearby fence and go on the run. The slaughterhouse workers were baffled by this and left haystacks in the woods to try to lure her back to no avail. The local news got a hold of the story and Emily became a media sensation. No one wanted to see her get caught, farmers who lived in the area left hay where she was last seen and found it gone the next day.

Emily was seen foraging the woods with a pack of deer. Her story caught the attention of Meg and Lewis Randa, the care takers of the Peace Abbey. Meg called Frank Arena, the owner of the slaughterhouse and asked if they come to a resolution and give Emily a place to live. Frank was surprisingly kind and offered Emily to the Peace Abbey for $350.00, at the urging of his grand daughter who named Emily, changed his offer to $1.00. Sold! Emily lived the rest of her life as an ambassador of vegetarianism and cruelty-free living at the Peace Abbey. Many visitors from as far away from India would come to visit her. After she passed, she was buried behind a statue of Gandhi and a statue was erected in her honor.

Emily changed my life and she reminded me that each life is precious and that we have to honor and respect animals. As of today, I have evolved from being a vegetarian to a full fledged vegan. My health has improved immensely and veganism has become more mainstream in the media.

Thank you Emily for making me see the light.

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Recognize The Signs Of Depression In Children

Getting down in the dumps now and then is a normal thing for children to experience. Children face many stress factors such as social problems and getting bad grades. Changes taking place in the home will also affect a child's mood. However, some children will experience true depression and parents will want to know how to recognize the signs of depression to get their child help as soon as possible.

A child who is becoming depressed may seem lazy or may seem to act out in bad behavior. Their room my look like a mess, their clothes will be sloppy and they might show signs of poor hygiene. These are not just normal problems-they are serious clues to let you know something is wrong.

Depression is not always obvious. It can start out subtle, taking a parent time to recognize a problem. One day the child may seem as though he or she does not feel well. The depression will continue and get worse.

Signs of Depression

1. Fatigue.

2. Irritability.

3. Poor hygiene

4. Poor memory and concentration.

5. A loss or increase in appetite.

6. A loss of interest in activities.


A child who is becoming depressed may over sleep or the child will not be able to sleep at all. Over sleeping or insomnia will cause a person to feel as though they have very little energy during the day. This is usually the first sign and is subtle.


Depression leads a person to become very irritable. They may express this irritability in the form of explosive moods or they become extremely sensitive and cry a lot.

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is a major warning sign that someone is experiencing depression. They may ignore brushing their teeth, combing their hair, showering or getting dressed. A person going through depression may not ignore all of these but most of the time there will be a change.

Poor Memory and Concentration

Someone who is depressed might seem as though they are procrastinating in certain areas. A child might forget to do his or her homework. A child might have a hard time focusing when studying. Their school grades will begin to suffer from this They may seem restless and fidgety when attempting to do a task.

A Loss or Increase in Appetite

The child going through depression may not feel hungry, and their normal intake will decrease. The other side of this, is the child may continuously feel hungry and overeat trying to fill a void where they feel emotionally empty.

A Loss of Interest in Activities

Children who are depressed will withdraw from their normal routines. They will lose interest in playing with their toys and friends. For no apparent reason, they might choose to quit their social activities. For example, they may choose to stop going to baseball practice.

Severe depression can cause suicidal thoughts. The signs of a child having suicidal thoughts are very similar to the symptoms of depression. They include being restless, explosive moods and wanting to keep themselves isolated.

Other signs of suicide involve giving their stuff away or saying they want to die. These children may try to harm themselves during an explosive outburst by hitting themselves or cutting themselves. Children suffering from severe depression may actually attempt to commit suicide.

Knowing what depression is and understanding what it looks like will help a parent tell the difference between the normal (every-now-and-then) blues and something more serious. If your child or the child of someone you know is showing any of the signs listed, it is imperative to seek help immediately.

Copyright (c) 2012 Embracing Depression

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The Shoulder Surgeon and Problems That Require a Doctor

Americans, by and large, don't like to seek medical attention for minor ills and injuries. The reason is not only down to the expense of getting help, but the inconvenience of it. Submitting to a trip to the doctor means taking time off work or, at the very least, time away from something you would rather be doing. It also means admitting something is wrong and probably won't get better on its own. Nonetheless, there are times when a doctor is necessary, even when the problem is related to your muscles and joints. Here are some signs that your problem may need the attention of a doctor or even a shoulder surgeon.

Emergency Indicators
Pain in and around the top of the arm could be an indication that something is wrong with your heart, which should be taken very seriously. If you feel pain in that area that is accompanies by pain in the chest, problems breathing, excess sweating, or nausea, you should contact emergency services immediately. Heart attacks don't always occur the way they do in the movies. It's better to be overcautious than to wish you had done something sooner. Besides common heart attack symptoms, you should also contact a doctor immediately if you have an injury accompanied by severe pain, deformity, inability to move that area of the body, or numbness and tingling.

In many cases, a doctor or shoulder surgeon will recommend having a period of observation and waiting after you've come in with your symptoms. This is particularly true in times where no obvious injuries can be identified through x-rays and other means. These injuries can take a number of different forms and various healing patterns. Something very painful today may be much better tomorrow. On the other hand, minor pain may be excruciating tomorrow. This period of watching and waiting can be very helpful in determining an appropriate course of action.

Where to Turn
If you have a primary care physician, he will be the most likely first stop for any problems you have with injury or pain. He should be familiar with problems of this nature, particularly as they center around the rotator cuff, a common area for injuries. If things progress to the point where you need treatment, you may be sent to any of a number of specialists. These could include a shoulder surgeon, a specialist in orthopedics, a specialist in sports medicine, or a physical therapist.

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Health Tips for Travel

Healthy travel seems like a crazy and oppressive way to not have fun when on the road and that is that last thing I want to tell someone to do. Travel is a time for changing lifestyle and exploring what you haven't seen. I find myself that the trouble with all of this is at we also have a problem staying in shape and staying healthy.

It all comes with our priorities and how we plan.

When you travel the planning needs to happen before you leave home and will finish when you get home so here are 10 tips to help you stay in shape and arrive home in even better shape then you left

Eating Tips for Healthy Travel

1. Pack snacks for the road - whether I am traveling in a car or in a plane I am never sure where my next snack will come from so I always pack my backpack with some fruit. I have always worried about this when going through security at the airport but fact is I have never been stopped so it seems to be OK to bring some fruit.

Healthy Travel Tips

2. Water not Soda - It is very easy to drink some soda or juice and I know that this will happen when I travel so I always stop at a grocery store in my destination and buy bottles of water. I don't tend to pack water before as it is not allowed past airport security but it is always handy to have a bottle or two in the car for healthy travel outside of airports.

3. Eat local food - One of the great things about travel is the fact that you get a chance to eat locally grown produce as well as the local cuisine from an area. The sooner that you can eat fresh fruits and veggies after they are picked the better they are for you, so try to find out what grows locally and eat away!

4. Morning and Night Water - Because schedules are such a mess when traveling it is really hard to keep to a normal plan, and you probably don't want to anyway. What I do is as soon as I wake up in the morning I drink a big glass or two of water or if in a sketchy area just a big bottle of water and again at night when back to the hotel I do the same.

Elevations, different temperatures and lots of different exercise and eating plans will mess you up so try to have a good hydration plan starting and finishing with water to be sure.

5. Watch the Restaurant Meals - I am a big fan of going out for meals but recognize that what I eat is not always that good for me. When we travel as a family we always get a kitchenette in the hotel room so that we can make the majority of our meals with food we know and then have one meal out a day.

6. Order Responsibly - One of the biggest problems we all run into besides scheduling eating times when we are on the road is the bad ways that we order. Healthy travel in a restaurant starts with ordering with discernment and making sure your choices are good.

When you are ordering at a restaurant watch how they cook your meal. In most places, just like at home the chef will cook for taste not for nutrition. Stay away from sauces and deep fried food and instead get grilled meat and salad or veggies instead of fries

Exercise Tips for Healthy Travel

1. Book Hotels with Amenities - when booking a hotel for your travels make sure there is some kind of gym, Google the hotel if need be. the fact is that a little exercise will make your travel more comfortable and give you the energy to make the most of your days and if you don't set yourself up for success you will fail to exercise.

2. Plan your exercise and activities - even though you probably do not know when you are going where on your travels everyone seems to plan the next day at least. In the evening before decide how much exercise you will be getting, a hike maybe? Surfing all day? Sitting by the pool? And plan your exercise around that. If you will be out sightseeing all day then plan to go to the gym for a weight workout in the morning. If you are just by the pool then start the day with cardio. If you do cardio and then walk around all day you might run out of gas before the day is done so plan ahead!

3. Plan Active Activities - Now when travelling on vacation this is easy enough to do but when you are travelling on business it is a lot more difficult. You can perhaps go out in the evening and walk the town, like many people plan a jog around the new city you are in (be careful of unknown neighbourhoods) or even just rent a bike to travel around instead of always taking a car, this gets you active and you also get to meet more people and see more in your journeys.

So there are nine things you can do. This week in my travels across the west I had some trouble keeping all of these intact and ended up suffering. At home there is a fridge and a schedule but on the road that schedule and access to healthy travel was only as good as the way I made it, and sometimes I did not do so well

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Discover 10 Ways To Lose Weight and Stay Motivated!

It is essential that you understand the importance of a balanced diet. A diet filled with essential nutrient groups: proteins, fats, non-starchy vegetables and carbohydrates. By eating a balanced diet you will experience a higher metabolism, achieve weight loss, slow the aging process and prevent disease.

The following 10 ways to lose weight will start you on the right track for correct nutrition and weight loss.

1. It is important that you understand weight loss is not your main goal, the main goal is great health. Losing weight will be the benefit of great health.

2. Do not eat a low fat diet. It turns off your metabolism and your body will be forced to take nutrients from your bones and muscles. Healthy fats are essential in contributing to good nutrition.

3. Excess carbohydrates will accelerate the aging process by causing insulin levels to spike. It is always wise to eat a carbohydrate with a protein and a healthy fat, this will keep your insulin levels from spiking so you are less apt to gain weight, high insulin levels result in weight gain.

4. Proteins should be eaten with every meal and snack. We need a steady source of protein for our body to regenerate. Protein contributes to many metabolic processes in the body; this is why protein is so important for weight loss.

5. Low fat dieting, starvation diets, fasting, skipping meals, counting calories and diet pills have caused many nutritional problems including weight gain.

6. Processed sugar can raise your insulin ratio which leads to fat production and storage. Decrease
process sugars.

7. Consuming fiber is a healthy component for a balanced diet. Fruits, vegetables, beans, oats, whole-grains, nuts, rice, beans and seeds are all good sources for fiber.

8. Fluids are essential for a healthy body, two liters of water a day is sufficient.

9. Exercise is very important for weight loss and staying healthy. Find a physical activity that you enjoy, such as walking the dog, hiking, or gardening.

10. Get plenty of rest and relaxation. When we get grumpy from lack of sleep, we tend to eat more.

Your body needs nutrients to function properly. Getting the right balance of these nutrients will provide a fuel for your daily activities and can help you achieve weight loss and an active lifestyle.

Did you know that most people already know how to exercise and eat right? Unfortunately, many people will not exercise or eat right unless they have motivation. I want to share with you some strategies to help you stay motivated.

By applying these strategies into your everyday life you will soon reach your weight loss goals.

- Write down your (realistic) weight goal(s) and the reason that achieving that weight is important to you. Review it often, especially when you are discouraged.

- You need to find a comfortable weight. Be realistic, you are trying to achieve a healthy weight loss.

- Remember when you have an excuse that keeps you from your dreams, goals or desires write it down on a piece of paper and then throw it away. Do not let excuses rob you of your happiness.

- Take care of you and get plenty of rest, lack of sleep will create a stressed body and mind. When you are stressed you will be more likely to eat foods that are not healthy for you and are full of calories.

- Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people. Negative people will bring you down and also will bring down your motivation.

- Do not count calories; this is a sure way to fail. Follow the 10 ways to lose weight. If you want to lose more weight, decrease your carbohydrates.

- A nutritional Guru once told me if you are fat you need to find joy in your life. Begin looking for your passion in your life, what makes you sing? We will often use food to fill certain voids in our life, what are your desires, dreams or goals?

- Stop thinking that your body is the enemy; make peace with your body by becoming aware of it. Yoga is a great tool to gain awareness and to begin to rediscover your body.

- You do not need to struggle; you can find peaceful ways to transform your body, no more struggling, one step at a time.

- When you think of exercise, think of it as a tool to make you healthier.

Take all this energy that you use on excuses and turn them into something positive, your life will start changing and so will you.

Hollaye Vladimiroff is a Nutritional Coach and her mission is nutrition. For more information visit her website at

Bayer Rapidpoint 400 Blood Gas Analyzer - Ensures Fast, Efficient Analysis

Blood gas measurements are typically requested for critically ill patients where quick results are required. Blood gas analysis assesses the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood and determines the acidity of the blood. The Bayer Rapidpoint 400 blood gas analyzer ensures fast and efficient analysis, and is a popular option for point of care testing in modern hospitals.

Bayer Rapidpoint 400 - Efficient and Safe

A product of Bayer, the global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, the Bayer Rapidpoint 400 features advanced technology. It comes with an icon enriched color touch screen and video guidance to simplify lab workload. The long-lasting cartridge comprises a sampling unit, all sensors and all calibrating reagents. The range of analytes, type of quality control and consumables, reliability, ease and safety of use, and maintenance are all factors that contribute to measuring a blood gas analyzer's performance. This instrument meets these requirements and is therefore a widely preferred piece of medical lab equipment.

The Bayer Rapidpoint 400 is a self-contained cartridge-based blood gas system. This benefits that this compact portable instrument offers are:

- It delivers fast response at point of care bedside, lab, or at alternate sites - it can record test results on all analytes in just 60 seconds

- It can measure pH, electrolytes, glucose and hematocrit with high precision

- Analyzers that use cartridges require the least maintenance

- The safest analyzers are those that collect waste into a fully sealed chamber within a single cartridge

- All functions can be monitored remotely by the central laboratory

By providing quick blood-gas, electrolyte, glucose and co-oximetry results at the point of care, this analyzer ensures efficient patient management.

Purchase from a Reliable Laboratory Equipment Supplier

While the Bayer Rapidpoint 400 blood gas analyzer ensures fast and efficient analysis, research units and health care facilities should take care to purchase this device from a reliable lab equipment supplier. Browsing online is the best way to find the right supplier. It's important to partner with an experienced dealer that can facilitate prompt and safe product delivery, post-purchase support, service contracts, and supply of reagents, controls, and consumables.

Purchase from an established online store that offers recertified Bayer Rapidpoint 400 analyzers with 90 day parts warranty is a good option. Such stores purchase used medical lab equipment and refurbish them to meet original manufacturer specifications. This means that labs can obtain a used, refurbished system that works well as well as new, but at a much lower price.

Based in New York, Block Scientific is a worldwide lab equipment supplier, offering quality and reliable products required for your laboratory applications. We have an extensive selection of blood gas analyzers from the industry's most respected manufacturers

A Family Dentist Makes Dental Care Easy

Numerous benefits exist for those who turn to a family dentist for their dental care. Instead of just selecting anyone to provide this service, look for a professional that provides specialized care for those who have children and teens. Doing so could mean you spend less time fighting with the kids to get them in to the office and more time enjoying their healthy, beautiful smiles. However, not all professionals with this label really do offer something different and beneficial to the entire group. Look for those that offer the type of service you can benefit from.

It is All About Friendliness

Kids are inherently worried about going in to their dental care providers. Their concerns are numerous and are often from bad experiences or just the fear that someone else has put into them. By visiting a family dentist, you can make sure that fear is gone. The key is to look for a professional that is friendly and does not talk down to the kids. You want someone that is willing to bend down and talk to them. This type of interaction helps the child to see that the dental care provider really is the good guy here. Friendliness is the top feature these organizations can offer to you.

Keeping Them Busy

For those with young children, it is often nice to visit a doctor's office where the professional offers something for the ids to do especially if the wait is going to be long. The same applies to the dentist. A location with entertainment options in the waiting room is a plus. It is even better when there are things to do in the exam room, too. For example, some offer televisions tuned in to the kid's favorite channels. This keeps them busy while the exam and cleanings take place.

Care That's Kid Friendly

Even further, look for a provider that is willing and able to work with your child with a gentle touch. Those dental providers who are rougher and less willing to compensate for fear are not a good choice for those families with kids of any age. Look for one that is willing to soothe a child's fears and help them to relax during the process. Some are funny while others are more nurturing through the process. This really does make a difference.

A family dentist is a person you can feel good about taking your child to see. He or she should be experienced with working with children and have stellar references. Even more so, you want to ensure you know what the goals are for each appointment and that your child's overall dental care is in the hands of a trusted professional.

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Knowing When to Go to the Urgent Care

Going to an urgent care provider is a good decision in many instances. If you have these facilities in your local area, they can prove to be one of the most effective and easiest ways to get the medical attention you need. There are some situations, though, in which these providers may not be the best option. Yet, for many people, these facilities can provide for most types of medical need. When should you go to this location? When does the hospital prove a better solution? If you have questions about these situations, you can always call the facility directly to inquire about the services offered.

Emergency Medical Needs

In some cases, an urgent care is the ideal option. It may be close to you. It may not have a long wait. Even better, it can be far more inexpensive to use than visiting a hospital. However, if your health needs are immediate, it is best to turn to a medical provider like a hospital instead. These facilities often do not have surgical options available. You will not find specialists here either. For those needs, visit a traditional hospital with an emergency room setup. Some facilities offer some types of medical service like this, but you should confirm with the location if this is a need.

Feeling Ill

In many cases, individuals feel ill and need to visit a doctor but they do not know when to go. You should visit a facility like this if you are bleeding and it will not stop. If you have a high fever, visit the doctor. If you are struggling with physical pain that you would rate at a seven or eight on a scale of one to ten, then visit a doctor. It is also a good idea to visit when you are having any type of reaction to medications, foods or other exposures in which allergies could be a factor.

Beyond Illness

Keep in mind that these facilities can provide more than just medical attention for illness. Many of these facilities provide help for checkups and physicals. They can fill your need for blood work or x-rays, too. Do you need a drug screening? Do you need a private STD screening? Do you need immunizations? Both children and adults can use these services, too.

The urgent care is the place to go for non-life threatening medical needs. You will find trained, compassionate doctors available to help you with most any need you have. However, it is important to consider which provider is necessary in your situation. These facilities can often provide services that your family doctor can offer. Yet, they are often faster and available without an appointment.

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Its Surgical Treatments

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a complex hormonal disorder affecting several systems of your body. Aside from infertility and irregular menstrual periods, your risks for diabetes and heart disorders are also increased. Several non-invasive treatments were suggested to control the symptoms of PCOS. These include lifestyle modifications (diet and exercise, which is the most practical), in vitro fertilization and fertility medicines. More often, doctors will recommend you to take fertility medicines if you wish to get pregnant. If the prescribed medicines have not been effective, your doctor may recommend surgical treatment as an option.

Surgical treatments are invasive procedures that are performed to diagnose and treat any medical condition that did not respond to all sorts of medications. Surgical treatment for PCOS is only suggested by your doctor once other treatment options were ineffective. Two known surgical options for PCOS include ovarian wedge resection and laparoscopic ovarian drilling.

During an ovarian wedge resection, a part of your ovary will be surgically removed. This is performed to regulate menstrual cycles and begin regular ovulation. However, the procedure is seldom done nowadays as there is a risk at injuring and scarring the ovary. Laparoscopic ovarian drilling, on the other hand, activates ovulation in women who have not succeeded in fertility drugs and weight loss remedies. It is done by tearing down parts of your ovaries using a laser or electrocautery. Studies show that women in their younger age and with normal body mass index (BMI) benefit more from ovarian drilling.

Surgical treatments also have risks. These risks include but are not limited to anesthesia, infections, lower abdominal pain, scarred reproductive organs and bleeding. Scarred tissue can cause you more infertility problems and body tenderness. On the brighter side, surgery decreases your risk of having multiple births as compared to fertility medicines. However, the question of how long it will be effective is still unknown.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome has no cure. Hence, removing portions of your ovaries will certainly not cure your condition as your ovaries are associated with your androgen production. Surgery may help lessen your androgen production which can lead to the reduction of symptoms. PCOS is not just a dysfunction in your ovary. It affects your hormonal systems and different body organs.

There are many things you should ask and consider before having a surgery. Discuss it with your doctor. Ask about the risks and benefits of having a surgery. You might also consider getting a second opinion before you opt for surgery.

Puneet Aggarwal is a famous herbalist promoting Ayurvedic Medicine as an alternative remedy to many diseases. He recommends Kanchnar Guggulu as an effective treatment for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Vet Tips for New Pet Owners

Welcoming a pet into your family can be a very exciting and rewarding experience, and choosing the best vet for both your families' needs as well as the needs of your new pack member is the most important detail to consider once the adoption process is complete. Choosing a veterinarian can be very similar to choosing a partner, as in both cases you are looking for someone with the same goals, ideals and philosophies as your own. It is important to discuss with your vet upon your first meeting exactly what your expectations of them, as a health and wellness provider to your animal, are. Determining the types of procedures and treatments you wish to have performed on your pet, as well as the type of care you want your veterinarian to provide your pet, will help to establish a trusting and open relationship between you and your animals health care provider.

Regular visits to veterinarians are necessary in maintaining good health in your animal and will support the longevity and livelihood of your pet. Scheduling your pet regular appointments, will allow your vet to inspect the overall health of your animal and dispense the necessary shots to prevent harmful infections and diseases. Many vets offer puppy and kitten wellness programs which provide your new furry friend with a series of important vaccinations against diseases such as rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and canine cough for puppies and rabies, panleukopenia, leukemia and upper respiratory infections for kittens. Both programs also test puppies and kittens for internal parasites and subscribe the appropriate medication if tests return positive. These programs also offer a plethora of veterinary tips for new pet owners such as diet options, recommended vaccination programs, preventative care against heartworm disease and fleas and the best time to spay or neuter your pet. These regularly scheduled appointments will also allow your vet to detect disease and illness early on and help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

In addition to regular check-ups for your pet, it is also important to take preventative measures when it comes to spaying or neutering: procedures in which an animal's reproductive organs are surgically removed. Not only does spaying and neutering contribute to the prevention of dog and cat over-population, it also prevents significant health concerns for your animal, such as infections of the uterus, cystic ovaries, endometrioses, prostate disease and cancer. Both procedures are performed with the animal under general anesthetic and can either be done taking a traditional "open" approach or by using a laparoscopic laser.

When adopting a new animal into your family, it is important to consider all of the aspects associated with being a responsible pet owner. Choosing the best veterinarian for your needs as well as the needs of your animal is not easy, however deciding on a vet with the same goals, ideals and philosophies as your own will help you to establish a plan of care for your animal, as well as build a trusting and lasting relationship between you and your vet.

Martindale Animal Clinic is committed to providing high quality, professional and compassionate care to its patients. With a team of experienced veterinarians, Martindale specializes in services for dogs, cats and other pets including wellness programs, vaccinations, surgeries, spaying, neutering, laboratory work, flea control and dentistry.

7-Keto-DHEA and Weight Loss

Recently, 7-Keto-DHEA has emerged as a safer and more powerful alternative to DHEA for use in anti-aging and weight loss. As the active metabolite of the hormone DHEA, 7-Keto-DHEA is several times more potent than DHEA at raising thermogenesis by stimulating enzyme production in the liver while lacking androgenic side effects such as hair loss, benign prostatic hyperplasia and virilization. Many modern users prize the supplement for its accelerating effect on the weight loss produced by diet and exercise.

The Basics Behind the Science

Young people normally have fewer wrinkles, more muscle and an easier time losing fat compared to older individuals. As age sets in and hormone levels decline, symptoms of aging appear such as fat accumulation and lean muscle loss. Supplementing with hormones can reduce or eliminate these problems, but substances such as testosterone and DHEA also cause numerous androgenic effects that contribute to cancers and high blood pressure. Using 7-Keto-DHEA enables users to fight the effects of aging while avoiding the side effects associated with those other hormonal supplements.

How it Relates to Metabolism

Weight loss is normally difficult to maintain because metabolism quickly slows down in response to reduced food intake. Known as the metabolic set-point, this process can prevent many individuals from ever seeing much result from their diet and exercise efforts. 7-Keto-DHEA keeps the set point from lowering, allowing individuals to continue losing weight throughout their diet and exercise programs. Rather than causing weight loss directly, it dramatically improves the body's response to consistent efforts over time.

Effects on Thermogenesis

Many weight loss supplements, including caffeine, work by increasing the body's basal temperature and effectively burning the fat away. 7-Keto also accomplishes this; by enhancing the activity of enzymes in the liver, it increases thermogenesis, but without causing rises in blood pressure or levels of androgens. This means that 7-Keto-DHEA is much safer for long-term weight loss regimens, whose results are more likely to last.

Other Benefits in Weight Loss

7 Keto DHEA also speeds weight loss by raising levels of T3, a thyroid hormone involved in metabolism. Pure, exogenous T3 is often supplemented by professional athletes, but 7-Keto-DHEA increases T3 within the safe, natural range. The parent hormone, DHEA, has been shown by studies to cause animals to eat more without causing them to gain weight. One study showed that control animals' food intake had to be cut by half to create the same changes in body weight experienced by animals given DHEA with a normal diet. 7-Keto-DHEA also has an impressive safety profile; small dosages of only 100-200 mg daily are normally recommended, but huge amounts have been tested without causing health problems. According to researchers, even a huge dose of 140,000 mg of 7-Keto-DHEA would leave an individual with normal blood chemistry and liver values.

Rather than being a standalone ingredient for fast and easy weight loss, 7-Keto-DHEA is a dependable way to accelerate weight loss when combined with exercise and a low calorie diet. Overweight individuals of all ages can benefit from even modest weight loss, and 7-Keto-DHEA makes it far easier to accomplish without causing negative side effects. Rather than using individual supplements for thermogenesis, thyroid stimulation and lean muscle gain, individuals can receive all these healthy benefits in one package.

Michael Stanford is a freelance writer in the nutritional industry. He has contributed research on many of the top 7-Keto Supplements available today, as well as serving as a consultant to the supplement industry for the past four years.

Inspirational Weight Loss Story - How I Dropped Over 15% Body Fat in 3 Months

I had always been an overweight child, and all that weight carried itself with me all the way up to my late teens. Before I decided to start P90X, I was overweight and out of shape. Just like everyone else who cannot find the time to workout, I had pretty much every excuse at my disposal about why I "didn't" or "couldn't" workout. I had to go to work. I had to go to university. I had lots of projects to do.

All these were just some of many excuses that I was using on a daily basis to not look after the one thing that I had been truly blessed with, and that was my body. Lets be honest with ourselves here, we only have one body, so it makes sense to look after it the best you can right?

I am at a very young age, and at 20 years old, being out of shape was simply unacceptable. I knew that if I kept fooling myself about being overweight and unhealthy, I would pay the price for it later on in life. The way I see it, you should be willing to struggle and make all the mistakes now, so when you become more mature, you are all set and ready to go. So what did I do to change my health and fitness? I used what is called P90X!

It was a regular day indoors, and I was browsing through various YouTube videos looking at the different ways I could get into shape. It was by complete accident that I ran into P90X, and the more research I did about the program, the more I discovered that people were getting incredible results! I wanted to be one of those people.

Ever since day one of P90X, I have changed the way I feel, the way I look and also the I think on a daily basis. The mindset is very important, no matter what you decide to in life, and if you can break through mental barriers and change your health for the better, then you will become a better person not only physically but also mentally.

The one thing I now love about being in shape, is that no one ever took notice of me before. I was never a source for information and now that people have seen the results I have gotten, I am always answering questions about health and fitness on a daily basis, and am constantly turning heads everywhere I go. This is something that I love doing, and changing the lives of my friends and family is a good feeling to have.

Now that I have started my own personal website, talking about the ups and downs of my fitness journey, I can interact with the people who truly need my help much easer. In 90 days I went from 22% body fat to being at a ripped 7%. I increased my overall strength both physically and cardio vascular wise, and in the process, learnt a lot of valuable life lessons.

With P90X, I can now get in what is possibly the best workout I have ever done in an hour as opposed to killing myself for countless hours at the gym, and I can now proudly say that I am in the best shape of my life!

Alihan Yildirim is a free online coach that is dedicated in helping others achieve their fitness goals in the shortest amount of time possible. If you want to lose weight, build muscle and gain your health back in as little as 90 days, the he invites you to visit his site where you can find more information about the workout program P90X, that helped him get ripped in 90 days! All the information about the workouts, the diets and supplements can all be found at Team Titan Fitness

Workout Tips and Diets for Abs

When you're working out you want to make sure you are doing heavy compound movements. When I say heavy it doesn't mean you want to max out or go to one rep max or something like that. You want to keep your rep range from about 6 to 10 reps. Now here is the key, if you are a beginner and just starting off you want to keep your rep range a little higher because you want to make sure you are safe and that your form is really good before you go ahead and get your reps down to about six. But if you have been working out for a little while and know most of the exercises, try to keep anywhere between 6 to 8 reps, at the most 10 reps. Keep it heavy, and here is the reason why. When you're working out you want to go ahead and stimulate your muscles, if you go too light you're only going to build endurance and that is what most guys do most of the time. Light weight does not get you ripped. Doing 50 curls with light weight does not do anything, but maybe build endurance. If you are trying to get lean and ripped don't worry about the light weight, go heavy, go compound, and you want to work and stimulate 6 to 8 muscle groups at one time.

Let's say you are working on chest and shoulders today. You will naturally work on 6-8 muscle groups very easily when you are doing compound movements, by using your core, by using your triceps, by using your legs when you are maybe, standing and doing military press. There are so many other muscle groups working even thought you may only be working on chest and shoulders. This is the difference between doing compound movements vs. doing isolation where you stick your body into a machine where pretty much everything is relaxed except for that one muscle being worked.

You burn a lot more calories with heavy compound movements, and it drives your metabolism super high. So if your work outs involve 80% isolation workouts, you will have to work out 3 to 4 times harder with little to no results in weight loss, lean muscle building, calorie burning and metabolism increase.

So if you want to get abs, yes excise is very important, but you also need to have your eating and nutrition handled too. Now this does not mean you have to deprive yourself or go on a diet. The key here is just making it simple, there is so much misinformation out there about dieting and what you should eat, put forth by gurus and experts that make things very completed and designed to open the door to you spending more money. Very simple, you need lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and some natural carbohydrates depending on your goals. The things to avoid would be refined carbohydrates, refined sugars and refined fats.

My system is good because it makes healthy eating very simple. What I do is cook a lot of food in advance of the week and make a lot of prepared meals that we can just stick in the microwave and within three minutes we have a healthy meal. I would say for healthy eating that is going to be the key. Find a system that makes it simple where you do not have to keep thinking about it. You can eat healthy without it having to be like a chore.

Here is an example of what I eat much of the time. For meats, I like to eat lean chicken breast, tilapia, and egg whites, this being a very lean protein source. Vegetables, anything is ok, but for me, I like to eat broccoli and green beans, because they are easy to prepare. For carbohydrates, sometimes I eat beans and sometimes I go with brown rice and on occasion the sweet potato. This is a good example of what I eat and what is really simple and easy to prepare. In the end you spend very little time in the kitchen, you do not have to wash tons of dishes and eating time is simple and quick. You need to start eating clean.

The last thing you want to do is go ahead and get the right advice. When you talk or listen to somebody make sure they know what they are talking about. Here is a pretty easy way to tell if you should listen to someone:

a. Take a look at them, see what they look like. If you have someone who is out of shape and overweight and they are helping others who are in the same condition, all you have is the blind leading the blind. You will waste a lot of time and money. Both are involved in misinformation.

b. Make sure the person has done it himself as well as helped someone else do it. They understand their bodies and they are able to pass on their knowledge to different body types.

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What Is A Healthy Food?

People don't always know where to start when it comes to eating healthily.

You may wander around supermarkets aimlessly looking for good food without really knowing what you are looking for. There is so much mixed information out there. You will need to start looking out for healthy food and need to know what to buy, so a key question is 'what makes something healthy'? Is it the number of calories or the amount of fat? Though these things are important, they are only part of the equation.

This is the reason so many diets fail. People don't know what to look for and they often end up buying the wrong foods. They then get discouraged when they can't lose anything and they give up. The problem is that they don't know what healthy food is, and they don't know what to look for. Advertisers often call something healthy when they honestly have no right to do so. There are many foods that are advertised as healthy that don't fit the bill. You really have to do your own work to decide if something is healthy and hence whether you want to eat it or not. If you skip this step, you may well fail on your quest to lose weight and journey to becoming a healthy eater.

The most obvious healthy food is one that is grown naturally. This means fruits and vegetables are almost always healthy, as long as you aren't adding anything unhealthy to them. If you top a cup of peas with two tablespoons of margarine, you have just turned a healthy food into something more unhealthy. Many people mistakenly turn good foods into something much less healthy, which they should be avoiding with a ten-foot pole when trying to lose weight. You want to make sure you are not adding saturated fats and sugars to foods that are otherwise considered good for you.

Therefore, if you want a healthy food you should look for a natural food. This means you need to buy things that are not processed and have no additives. If something is described as a number on an ingredient list or you can't pronounce it, skip it. If it is not a natural food, your body doesn't know what to do with it. As a nation, we have become more obese due to the amount of processed food, and hence fats and sugars we eat.

When you are looking for healthy food, skip the marketing hype and zero in on the ingredients. Read what is on the label as that is where the truth of the matter lies.

Sarah Cox

Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance

Have you ever heard anything about a widespread health problem known as lactose intolerance? Meanwhile, this health condition has become the object of great concerns for many people today. It is observed both in adults and kids who are unable to ingest milk and develop allergic reactions as well as other health problems, including vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, flatulence, breaking wind, feeling of sickness etc. These reactions develop in around 30 minutes after the consumption of dairy products and become more severe if a person who has the disease has taken much lactose.

Symptoms of lactose intolerance are often quite frustrating and annoying. That is why it is of paramount importance to spot this disease on time. This will give you a chance to take control over your health condition and prevent the potential complications. Though this condition is not reported to threaten your health, it can substantially affect the quality of your life. The sooner the disease is identified - the easier it is to get adequate treatment, which is specific for each patient.

Symptoms of this disease mainly depend upon the type of the problem you suffer from. The thing is that lactose deficiency is classified into three types, namely permanent intolerance, secondary (reversible) intolerance and the so-called congenital lactase disorder. The first type of the disease is observed when a specific ethnic group or society in general does not eat dairy products at all, in the result of which their kids cannot tolerate them well. The second type of this condition is temporary, which is triggered by lactase enzyme deficiency in a patient's gut. The main symptom of the disease in this case is nausea, which develops after the consumption of milk products. Finally, congenital lactase disorder is a genetic health problem, which is always diagnosed in infancy. Some babies are genetically predisposed to this disease and develop symptoms of it since birth. By the way, studies have shown that gender does not play any role in the development of this health disorder. Age, however, is one of the main factors to be considered here, because the disease may worsen with the lapse of time.

Have you experienced any of the symptoms mentioned above? If so, then you should consult your doctor the sooner-the better. Your physician will certainly recommend you to undergo a series of tests, such as blood sugar lactose tolerance test, hydrogen breath test and stool test. They will help define how serious the problem is and what kind of treatment you currently need. In most cases, though, you will need to stick to a diet for the rest of your life. Thus, the consumption of lactose free products will be a must for you.

If you wish to learn more about lactose intolerance, then you are welcome to visit You will find tons of important information related to the topic we are talking about here. This will help you get answers to all the questions that worry you at the moment.

How a Spine Surgeon Can Treat Scoliosis

Scoliosis is defined as a condition that creates an abnormal curving of an individual's spine. Under normal conditions, a person's spine has some degree of curvature to its appearance. That said, when viewed from the front, it should appear to be straight. When scoliosis sets in, more pronounced curves set in to the bones, creating either a "C" or an "S" shape to the shape of the spinal system. While the condition is seen in both males and females, it is approximately twice as common in the latter. It is typically developed after the age of ten and is thought to be hereditary in nature. While there are several treatment options available, fusion performed by a spine surgeon is often very effective.


To perform fusion, a spine surgeon will use a system of rods, hooks, screws, or wires and attach them along the backbone. Through this system, the bone system will be straightened out and small pieces of bone will be placed over the existing infrastructure. Over time, the hope is that the new bone pieces will eventually grow together with the natural bone, which will fuse the skeletal structure into the proper position, eliminating the curvature. It is a very invasive, significant surgery. While there are several methods and techniques available, the most popular technique is to go in through the back, which is called the posterior approach.


To prevent infection, the patient is usually given a series of antibiotics both before and after the operation takes place. The patient should expect to spend at least a few days in the hospital immediately following the surgery. During this time, they will be encouraged to gradually increase their amount of movement under supervision. A spine surgeon may recommend they be fitted with a brace to stabilize them during recovery, but this isn't as commonly used today as it used to be. The patient should be up to the task of dressing, eating, and walking around before leaving the hospital.


A spine surgeon may recommend fusion for a child with a severe curvature in their spinal system that he sees as likely to progress further, an adult in the same situation, or an individual with a slight curve that is not responding to brace treatment. Doctors will look at the patient's age, where the curve is located, and where they are in relation to puberty when deciding whether or not to move forward with an operation. Adults who suffer from breathing problems or crippling back pain in relation to their spinal curvature may also be candidates for surgery.

When looking for a spine surgeon Syracuse residents should consider both the surgeon's level of experience and the quality of the facilities. To learn more about your options for scoliosis treatment, visit

Today's Pricing Pressures on Medical Exam Gloves

Remember when latex exam gloves were cheaper than nitrile exam gloves? Not so anymore. Fluctuating currencies and the rising cost of the raw materials used in the manufacturing of medical exam gloves has dramatically affected the cost of latex medical gloves.

The price of natural rubber latex has been volatile, to say the least. The cost of latex has gone up tremendously over the past year. Demand for tires in China, the world's biggest consumer of rubber, and the high cost of oil, has resulted in manufacturing cost increases this year that greatly affect manufacturers.

While disposable glove manufacturers work hard to absorb these increases, the raw material costs account for about two-thirds of the cost of the end product. Some of this cost increase is passed on to glove importers. Glove importers do what they can to mitigate the increased cost, but ultimately they must share some of the burden with their customers in the form of higher prices for gloves on their shelves.

Due to increased awareness of latex sensitization, and an increasing number of healthcare professionals wanting to avoid the risk of latex allergy, the trend in medical and healthcare facilities has been to transition from latex to nitrile exam gloves. The ever narrowing price gap between latex gloves and nitrile gloves has made this transition easier for many. Glove manufacturers have been working hard to accommodate the demand for nitrile gloves, converting many of their latex manufacturing lines to nitrile, and building new factories.

But nitrile exam gloves haven't escaped cost increases either. Nitrile gloves are petroleum based, and when the cost of oil goes up, so does nitrile glove raw material costs. Add to this the higher cost of transportation and strengthening currencies in Malaysia, and you can expect the cost of nitrile exam gloves to rise.

Fortunately, the raw material costs are not on the upswing indefinitely. The recent slowdown in China's economy, combined with lower oil prices, has allowed the price of natural rubber and nitrile to decline for the first time in a long while. Raw material prices are expected to moderate into the fourth quarter of 2012. This will help lower the cost of the raw material and transportation costs for latex and nitrile gloves.

Sudden demand has had less of an effect on medical glove prices that many would suspect. The H1N1 influenza and SARS scare resulted in a sudden demand for medical gloves as state and county health facilities across the country stockpiled infection control supplies, including gloves. Glove manufacturers are able to quickly ramp up production and keep up with higher demand.

Medical exam glove prices are most affected by raw material costs, such as rubber and petroleum products, and fluctuating currencies. As the markets continue to climb or fall, glove prices will continue their roller coaster ride along side them.

Cenergen Supply is a trusted source for medical exam gloves, nitrile exam gloves, disposable gloves and other medical supplies.

Why Eye Surgery Is Important

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lose your ability to see? Many people don't think about this situation until they are actually faced with it. It isn't until they lose all or some of their sight, that they finally come to the understanding of just how vital it is to be able to see. Then, there are those who do take the time out to appreciate their ability to see. Whatever the case may be, eyesight is extremely important and everyone should do everything in their power to improve and maintain it. That's why, whenever a medical professional recommends something like eye surgery, this advice should be taken seriously. Eye surgery can correct or improve vision issues.

Just take a second and imagine how it would be if you had vision trouble and there was no procedure to correct it. Are you a person who loves to sit out in your backyard and gaze at the trees and all of the animals that stop by? If one day your vision began to deteriorate, you wouldn't be able to enjoy the sights of nature as much. You may be able to see by straining your eyes. However, this could get more agitating as your vision soon becomes so blurred that even squinting your eyes doesn't help.

What if you were an artist, who loved to paint and draw and your eyesight suddenly began to fade? You worked years and years on your craft. It's not that you have been trying to become famous or even make a lot of money. However, you just love to show your creativity off to others. Some would say that this might not be a big deal, because there are a number of exceptional artists who don't have the ability to see. This may be true. However, it's one thing to start off with bad eyesight. Then, it's another thing to be used to having good vision and then to suddenly lose it. This would be extremely hard on someone who isn't used to creating their artwork with bad vision.

The aforementioned scenarios are just a few of the numerous reasons why good eyesight is so vital to life. When people come to this understanding, they won't be turned away by their fears or misunderstandings of procedures such as eye surgery. Knowing how important and beneficial this type of surgery is allows people to take it more seriously and to become more diligent in pursuing it, if need be.

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Identifying the Best Medical Transcription Services

Outsourcing medical transcription services have now become popular because of the benefits it has for medical practitioners. Identifying the best transcription service provider who suits your needs is the most challenging task. Especially because there are a number of providers offering these services and you will have to compare a list of features between them to decide on the final choice for outsourcing your transcription work. This article discusses the three areas to be assessed to identify the best transcription agencies for your requirements.

Experience Of The Service Provider

First of all you will require making a list of companies who are providing these services and choose the ones who have a good experience in this field. Experience of the service provider would mean that they know this field and they understand the need for accuracy and timeliness. The knowledge level of the staffs working with them would also be good and would be well versed in the medical terminologies used for medical transcription. You may go through the clientele, and contact a few of them personally to get feedback on their services.

Efficiency In Services Rendered

The efficiency of the service provider would major depend on the turnaround time and cost. You require choosing a service provider who offers a turnaround time of less than 24 hours. Some of the companies have transcriptions working from eastern countries; this would ensure you have your transcripts ready when you step in for work the next day. There are transcription services who offer a delivery time of 4 to 6 hours but these might be expensive than the others. You may choose the turnaround time depending on your requirements. Most of the service providers charge per line transcribed. You will require seeing through their billing process thoroughly to rule out any hidden fees or rework fees. You may also ask them on how much it would cost you to move you present patient records to the new system.

Online medical transcription services offer a number of options to submit your dictations online like digital recorders, software for dictation and toll-free numbers. You may choose the dictation method convenient to you. They also offer editing and reviews of reports online. They usually follow a specific format in which they would be delivering the transcript, so you may want to look through the format and see if you require any changes to be done to improve readability.

HIPAA Complaint

HIPAA compliance is essential to ensure that patient's records are protected, especially because the information is being processed in service provider's environment and the information is transmitted over the internet. Medical transcription services operating from outside the country also require being HIPAA complaint. This would ensure that patient's medical identity is protected.

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