Monday, August 13, 2012

Finding the Orthopedic Specialist You Need: 3 Tips

A doctor certified as an orthopedic specialist can be called upon to help with any number of bodily injuries or issues. The profession itself is concerned with helping patients in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions that can contribute to limited or painful mobility. A doctor in the field often doubles as a surgeon, as surgery is often the primary solution to problems of this nature. As with many medical specialties, there are sub-specialties that many doctors choose to concentrate on. Some doctors choose to specialize in hip conditions or those centering around the spine. If you need such a doctor, here are three tips on finding the right one.

Start With Your Family Doctor

The search for an orthopedic specialist should usually begin with your primary physician. Not only will he be able to make a preliminary diagnosis that bringing in an expert is the right call, but he will likely know a name or two to throw your way. There are several benefits to choosing a doctor in this fashion. For one, you are getting a referral from a medical professional, something that means a lot more than a review on the Internet. Secondly, a professional referral will often let you jump the queue, so to speak. Busy doctors often have appointment waiting lists a mile long. If you have a referral in hand, you may be able to get in ahead of the crowd.

Personal Recommendations

In some cases, a physician's referral may not be possible. More people than ever are without a primary care doctor. Many simply choose to visit a walk-in clinic or the ER when something goes wrong. If this is the case, and you're fairly sure that an orthopedic specialist is what you need, you'll need another method of finding the right one. Try your friends and family. A loved one is going to be cautious before sending you to a doctor they have personal experience with. As long as you ask only those you can trust, you're likely to get a good recommendation or two.

Do Your Own Research

No matter how many personal and professional recommendations you have, it never hurts to do a little of your own research. The Internet makes this research easier than ever. Several websites are dedicated to allowing patients and consumers to write reviews and give ratings to the doctors they visit. While not a perfect system by any stretch of the imagination, these reviews can sometimes impart specific information that can help you choose an orthopedic surgeon.

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