Friday, February 1, 2013

3 Essential Wellness Tips to Age Without Chronic Illness

Decide to overhaul your attitude. Can you use your present attitude to take you to a higher more powerful place? Attitude is usually developed by innate beliefs and systems that were put in place as you matured. To focus on staying well for the rest of your life, the first thing you must do is to become aware of the habits, thought and belief you are bringing to this new desire.

If you have a lackadaisical attitude about eating this is the time to revive your spirit about choices in food that can keep you well, with your blood pressure in tack and with the correct blood sugar level. Can you envision no colds in the winter, not a single aching bone or chronic Arthritis, no clogged sinuses and a feeling of contentment?

I believe this is possible with the right attitude and a health preserving diet.

Let's look at attitude, Instead of I am old enough to eat what I want - consider your eating paradox - You are aging, a good indication that your body will not tolerate an unbalanced diet with the eating style of a younger person. One of the first indications of this is a diagnosis that you have arthritis, or a disease like diabetes, both of which are associated with excessive simple sugar and a compulsion to overeat on one food group simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are found in white bread, juice drinks with more than 40 grams of sugar per serving, excessive starchy food like white potatoes cooked in its many forms, white bread usually served with burgers and hot dogs. These are the foods of youth and adolescence and would be quite dangerous for you to use as a stable for your mature life.

Second, it would be wise to change your internal chatter to, 'I can eat to meet the needs of my desire to be well and happy at any age'. Or do you expect to age with illness?

Become a 'control freak' when it comes to your diet and eating. This will enable you to become more conscious of your health as you age. For instance, plan to eat out. Find out more about the restaurants and food preparation and make a list of places you determine that prepare high quality meals, and have superior cuisine skills with regards to food content and preparation. For instance are they serving wild salmon or farmed salmon - there will be a difference in the fat and nutrient content of these animals. It is recommend eating wild salmon from cold waters for essential health benefits...

Third, you should drop the 'going on a diet' paradigm. Switch to another favorite TV station when a DIET commercial starts to play, or take a water break. Whatever you do try and not get sucked into their idea of making money with manufactured food. Think about it, if this is your choice for keeping a healthy weight you would have to do it for the rest of your life. Even if you have a quick weight loss mindset do you want to eat like this for the rest of your life? You must have a strategy, such as regular visits to a farmers market for fresh food, to put in place after you experience the quick weight loss, if not - well you envision it...
Guidance from a good cookbook with healthy recipes and tips would also be extremely helpful.

The fact is everything about your diet and you life can change for you now, with the right information an attitude.

Celia Westberry, Wellness Mentor and Cooking Coach counsels people to become aware of the connection between their eating lifestyle and the impact it has on their bodies to nurture, restore or be detrimental. Her clients learn to open their awareness to the awesome power of food to heal, promote health and restore wellbeing. They achieve energetic balance in their bodies, and also feel empowered to succeed with their health challenges and life intentions. Celia's experiences include doing scientific research in cancer and lecturing at the college level in cell and molecular biology. She is the CEO of Westberry Wellness Programs LLC and the author of the award winning book - Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly, the easy way to slow aging, feel great and look good.

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